• Tim Curtin

    I've been working in clay for twenty years now, and what originally started as a lark has become a definite obsession. I love the ability to sit down with a lump of mud and turn it into something beautiful and long-lasting with nothing more than my hands and fire. These are *not* your run-of-the-mill corner store bottle toppers -- they are a labor of love, each truly one-of-a-kind, take hours to make, and are built to last! The business end is machined from the highest quality stainless available anywhere, which is then carefully attached to my creations using industrial-strength epoxy. Unlike most stoppers that are plated and can flake or pit, these are medical-grade and can be kept in a bottle for as long as you like. Perfect for anything from wine to perfume to vinegar. For more info about me and my work, visit CurtinsCreations.com or email Tim@CurtinsCreations.com

    Product categories: Wine Bottle Stoppers, Party Animal Stoneware Wine Bottle Stoppers, Wine Bottle Stopper Stands, Curly Creatures, Ring Stands, Stoneware Wine Bottle Stoppers, Bowlss, Wine Bottle Stopperss, Curly Creaturess, Vases / Urnss, Stopper Display Standss

  • Andy Snyder

    I'm a new artist here, and haven't created my bio yet... I'll edit this soon, I promise!

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