What's black and white and red all over? Let's start with the basics.
A website to give artists a tool for listing their creations, and then make it almost ridiculously easy to tell the world about them.
As an artist myself, despite being pretty tech-savvy, I realized that the process for telling the world about my creations was way too difficult. And so it just wasn't happening. I really wanted a way to put all of my descriptions, prices, photos, etc online once, and then share that one set of info with the online world. It had to be easy, and it would be best for it all to be consistent. I want my Etsy listing to link to an item's Smugmug or Flikr album, and then post a link to both of them to my Facebook page, and when its all done tweet about it every once in a while.
Well, one crazy guy who doesn't sleep much came up with the idea and made it happen. Otherwise, its all about artists and people who want to appreciate their creations! If you're interested in my physical creative work, check out Curtin's Creations. Online, well, you're already here.
How much?
Not much. Beta testers will get their first three months totally free, and everyone can create an account and Brag about one item as much as they want. Beyond that... still working on it. What do you think would be fair?
Want to know more? Want to join? Poke around! Browse the creations already here, visit the Brag section to sign up yourself, and feel free to send me an email - tim at curtinscreations dot com.